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Your 2019 Volunteer Board Members
Robie SwensenPresidentThe Boss & Strategi Mastermind (Strategi Level Stuff)  [email protected] 
Doug DedicVice President 
Information Officer & Social Media
#1 to the Boss willing to help in all areas!
The go to guy for information to various forms of media (Facebook, Email, Posters, etc…) and to other board members.
[email protected] 
Doug DedicTreasurerThe Accountant [email protected]        
Julie MorganSecretaryOur humble secretary   
Scott SmithUmpire-In-ChiefCoordinates umpires to show up at games and be properly trained. We are always looking for dedicated Umpires. Interested, please shoot an email to the information officer.
Robbie SwensenCoach CoordinatorKeeps the coaches engaged, on board & trained. Also communicates frequently between board and coaches.
 Player AgentRepresents your child's concerns and best interest to the board.  
VacantSnack Shack ManagerMakes sure we have plenty of snacks for hungry baseball players and fans!! 
Austin ReillyUp Country RepLive Up Country, got a problem, he's your guy 
vacantJackson Area Rep Live in Jackson, got a problem, this is the contact.
Mike Brewer

Equipment Manager

Keeps the equipment inventory chaos in order
Our personal Handy Man!

 Sponsor CoordinatorKeeps our sponsors organized and happy.  
 Bill Miller Safety Officer Our last line of defense for any safety forms/issue/concerns. [email protected]