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Reg Instructions


You can pay by credit card!!  We hope most parents utilize the online registration this season!

Here are steps that will guide you through the process if you run into anything.
2014 Online Registration Walk-thru.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Online Registration Link
  3. Once you've landed on the Account Login page read the breif instructions on the right for League Info.
  4. On your 1st visit you will need to create the Account.  -OR-  If you've already created an account and you're simply returning to update or add info or pay by credit card, login and proceed to the checkout (in step 15 below).
  5. Fill out the Main Contact Information page.  Use one e-mail address per household to manage the player account(s).  This will be the e-mail address that receives the invoice.  * Denotes required fields.  Once you click Submit, your Account has been created (login e-mail adddress, guardian(s), address and medical info.)
  6. Click the Add Family Member button now, to add your child(ren) to your account.
  7. Required: Name, DOB, gender, and a couple of optional other items.
  8. Now you can add other kids (repeating steps 6-7) or continue with the registration process (step 9).
  9. Review the terms and conditions for the league (checkbox) and Medical Release (drop-down).  And proceed.
  10. Now you're ready to register the player(s).
    • Select the child added in step 6 & 7.  If needed, you can add another participant here too (repeating step 6-7)!
    • The league age will be calculated based on the DOB of the participant.  Select the division and read the notes.  Enter the jersey size.  And optionally add any other comments, noting the disclaimer.
    • Then add to registration list.
  11. At this point you can either check out, or add another registration (child) to your order.
  12. When ready, Checkout and review the Summary.
  13. Next, enter volunteer information online so we can follow-up to ensure we have received the volunteer form for a background check.  And add a note and team optionally.
  14. Select Complete Registration.
  15. An invoice detail will be displayed and your child(ren) will have been registered online with the ACLLE!

If you run into any issues, then feel free to send e-mail to: and we'll respond in 24-48 hours.

We hope this has made registering for the ACLLE a pleasant and easier experience for you and your family!