2017 Board Members

Are you interested in participating.  Little league can use you.  Check the calendar and come to the next meeting, or contact a board member for further information.
Your 2017 Volunteer Board Members
Member Description Email Phone
Jason Fox President The Boss & Strategic Mastermind (Strategic Level Stuff)    
Sara Watson Vice President/Concession Manager #1 to the Boss/Also helps Manage Concessions. If you want to help out in the snack shacks, she's your gal to contact.   snackshack@aclle.com  209-304-4082
Amber Stone Treasurer The Accountant  treasurer@aclle.com         
Doug Dedic Secretary Our humble secretary  safetyofficer@aclle.com      
Dan Duran Information Officer & Social Media The numbers guy and disseminator of information to various forms of media (Facebook, Email, Posters, etc…) and to other board members.  infoOfficer@aclle.com
Scott Smith Umpire-In-Chief Coordinates umpires to show up at games and be properly trained. We are always looking for dedicated Umpires. Interested, please shoot an email to the information officer.
Mike Maciolek Coach Coordinator Keeps the coaches engaged, on board & trained. Also communicates frequently between board and coaches.  maciolek24@gmail.com  
Jerime Zimmerman Player Agent Represents your child's concerns and best interest to the board. playeragent@aclle.com  
Vacant Schedule Coordinator Practice and Games scheduler for Tball -Juniors for ACLLE. Also will determine reschedules for rainouts by working with coaches that may be affected.  
Vacant Up Country Rep Live Up Country, got a problem, he's your guy  
Bob Bianchi Jackson Area Rep  Live in Jackson, got a problem, this is the contact.
Bill Miller

Mike Brewer
Equipment Manager

Equipment Repair
Keeps the equipment inventory chaos in order
Our personal Handy Man!

Christi Engstrom Jr. & Sr. Rep. Questions for Juniors or Seniors baseball go to Christi.    
Sherrie Earl Sponsor Coordinator Interested, please inquire with Info Officer  sherriee13@gmail.com  
Amy Simonsen Concession Manager Opens and Closes Jackson Snack Shack. In Charge of pretty much anything to do with our snack shack operations and inventories.  snackshack@aclle.com  
Vacant Concession Mgr Asst. Interested, please inquire with Info Officer    
Vacant Concession Mgr Asst. Interested, please inquire with Info Officer    
 Ivan Walker   Safety Officer  Our last line of defense for any safety forms/issue/concerns.